Status Update

Since my previous post, a number of people have made financial contributions to the site, which I very much appreciate, and which I have used to:

  1. Renew the domain registration
  2. Pre-pay the renewal of the site’s SSL certificate (the current one is valid through the end of March)
  3. Pay the web hosting charges through the beginning of April. [ETA: As of February 1, I’ve pre-paid the web hosting through June.]

So, thank you all for that!


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  1. At least the lights remain on at AUWMHQ; that’s a small victory. As it happens, even if AUWM never saw another new article, it’d still be an excellent repository of knowledge and worth keeping around.

    Speaking of which, I can’t help but notice that the “Support AUWM” link has disappeared from the right-hand sidebar, which makes donating a little awkward. Hope this isn’t an indication of imminent demise, though if it is, I quite understand.

    1. The Support actually isn’t gone — it’s controlled by the privacy banner that pops up when you first visit the site. If you don’t click “I agree” on the banner, the box won’t load, and it also won’t load if you turn off the “Allow PayPal Button” option in the preferences. I’ve noted that some adblocker browser extensions will prevent the banner from showing up, in which case it won’t give you the option to accept or decline it; however, you can still access the preferences via

      The reason for this rigmarole is that the Support box uses a PayPal button, which loads content directly from PayPal (and thus enables PayPal to record information such as your IP address, user agent, and PayPal cookies, whether or not you ever actually interact with the button). For privacy and regulatory reasons, I wanted to ensure that visitors have the option to selectively disable that content, and the banner is the most consistently reliable way I’ve been able to engineer to do that.

      1. Aha; my apologies. Slightly embarrassing, given I should’ve just read the agreement and got it done with, but problem solved.

        If you don’t mind my asking, what makes doing the research for AUWM articles so costly? Obviously, the research you do is extensive, so that won’t help; but I’d have thought a good deal of archival material should’ve been digitised by now, and made available for nominal or nil cost.

        1. It’s not that the research or work is costly in monetary terms — for the most part, it’s not — but it is very time-consuming and energy-intensive, has its own costs. For the Jetfire article, for instance, I ended up compiling something like 380 pages of notes, and once I’d distilled that into an initial draft, it took days of work to edit it into something readable, and days more to assemble and set up the various images.

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