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This page lets you modify your preferences or request to delete, change, or export your personal information on the Ate Up With Motor website. (To learn more about what kinds of information we gather, see the Privacy Policy.)

Privacy and Cookie Preferences

By clicking the button below, you can see a complete list of the cookies we use (including what they’re for and how long they normally last) and review or change your cookie preferences.

Clicking the link below will set a cookie that allows you to opt out of Google Analytics tracking on this website:

Disable Google Analytics Tracking

Export, Modify, or Delete Data

Please note that these tools can only retrieve data that exists in the Ate Up With Motor website database and that is associated with a specific email address. If you have used more than one email address, you might need to use the tool more than once. These tools can’t access data not stored on the website or that is not associated with any email address. Also, at present, they cannot retrieve data from any of the feedback forms (the Contact Form, Advertise on Ate Up With Motor, and Image Authorization Form) you may have submitted.

Request to Export Your Data

Request to Change Your Data

Request to Delete Your Data

Updated: October 22, 2018 — 8:33 pm
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