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As we’ve mentioned on many occasions, there’s often a big disparity between the automotive subjects we’d like to cover on Ate Up With Motor and the images available for us to use. While we’ve done some articles for which we had no photos in our own archives, it’s substantially more difficult (and considerably more time-consuming), so what subjects we do cover often depends directly on the photos to which we have access.

If you have photographs of any of the cars listed on this page that you would be willing to let us use in Ate Up With Motor articles — whether pictures of your own car or shots you’ve taken at car shows or in the wild — we’d love to hear about it, either via email or through the site Contact Form.

A few important provisos to keep in mind:

  • We cannot offer any compensation (monetary or other valuable consideration) for the use of your images.
  • Please contact us before you attempt to send us any images, which will reduce the risk of your message ending up in our spam filter. If we say it’s okay for you to send your images, but the images are too big for email, we can arrange other ways for you to send them.
  • We can only use images that you actually have the right to allow us to use, which generally means photos that you took yourself. We CANNOT use photos from someone else’s auction, old press images, or scans from books or magazines — please don’t submit copies of material owned by others! Museum shots are also problematic unless the museum specifically authorizes the use of the photos on Ate Up With Motor.
  • Photos you submit for use on Ate Up With Motor are generally subject to the legal terms and conditions in the “Use of User-Supplied Images” section of the Terms of Use. You should carefully read these terms before contacting us. If we use your images, we will ask you to fill out our Image Authorization Form. (The form’s terms are intended to be materially the same as the ones in the Terms of Use except that they’re written in the first person rather than the second.) Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about either the terms or the form. Please note that if you make your images available under a Creative Commons license or other, similar license — which you are in no way obliged to do — you may elect to have us use your images under that license rather than the terms described above, provided that the terms of the license in question would allow the use of the images on Ate Up With Motor. In that case, you don’t need to fill out the form, and the terms of the applicable license will apply instead of the ones linked above. (Creative Commons, CC, the CC in a circle logo, CCPlus, CC+, the CC+ in a circle logo, CC0, all other Creative Commons license and public domain dedication marks, and their associated buttons and icons are trademarks or registered trademarks of Creative Commons.)
  • We do not guarantee we will use your images. We reserve the right to decline to use any images or to remove any images from the Ate Up With Motor website at any time, with or without notice.


  • For obvious reasons, we prefer shots that are in focus, not cut off, that don’t have bystanders or other obstructions obscuring the actual car, and in which the car’s hood and decklid are closed (except, obviously, for engine shots). This tends to make low-quality cellphone pictures and photos shot indoors problematic.
  • If the car is a replica or if you know it’s been modified in some significant way (e.g., if the owner has added non-stock accessories), it would be great if you could let us know upfront. (If you don’t know or aren’t sure, don’t worry about it.)


Below is a list of possible automotive histories we’ve been considering, but for which we don’t currently have enough images.

  • 1961–1963 Pontiac Tempest and Le Mans – The peculiar “rope-drive” Senior Compact, with a rear transaxle and unusual curve driveshaft.
  • 1970–1978 Triumph Stag – Triumph’s ill-fated V-8 sports car.

This list will be updated periodically, so you should check back regularly for changes.

If you have images of a car you think would be of interest that’s NOT on this list, feel free to contact us anyway. The list above reflects our current priorities, but if we suddenly have access to great pictures of another rare, interesting, or unusual car, those priorities might change!

Updated: October 31, 2022 — 5:19 pm


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  1. Hey Man:

    It’s longroofian from Hooniverse, but I guess there is only one of me around!

    Anyway, I have posted a few images of some 300 letters I have seen mostly at car shows over the past couple of years. They are on one of my personal blogs that I use to posts images not really worthy of flickr.

    The first image is one I spotted in a fenced lot down in Orlando with a bunch of other period Mopars but it was the only letter car there.

    I’m pretty sure the other black one is the same car at different shows.

    Anyway, I hope these are useful to you.

    All the best,


  2. Hi Aaron,

    I found a couple of photos for you – 1800E and a pair of 1800ES' plus a 300F. No luck on the Lincolns though, bracketed those years with a '51 and a '56!


    1. Thanks! I’ll check it out.

  3. I took some photos for you at the Sully Plantation car show in Chantilly, Va., today. Two Chryslers: A ’32 and a slightly older one that wasn’t lableled with a year.

    The show was lousy with ’51 Fords, so there are a bunch of pictures of those. There also was a single ’49 Ford wagon.

    Uploaded with Creative Commons permissions to reuse:

  4. Good luck with finding photos of a Typhoon.It is forty years since I lived full-time in England, but I can’t remember seeing one on the road in more than fifty years. The website “How Many Left” doesn’t show any Armstrong Siddeley cars currently registered to be used on the road, so any survivors are no-doubt tucked away out of sight.

    1. It is admittedly a long shot, but it’s worth a shot…

  5. You’ve already used my picture of an original Continental in your article on the 61-63 Lincoln. In the same set, I have pictures of a ’31 Imperial, ’53 Kaiser Darrin, and a ’57 300-C. You’re more than welcome to use them.

    1. Thanks, David — I will check those out!

  6. Here is a ’49 Ford

    I have a few of a Canadian only 1951 Meteor as well

    I do have some Airflow ones but they aren’t great

    A few P1800s as well

    You are welcome to make use of these or any other ones I have.

    1. Thanks, Dave — this is a big help.

  7. Here are some pics I took a few years ago of Zephyr convertible. My front shots did not come out well so none of those, sorry. All are mine and you are welcome to use them with a link to the original.

  8. It looked like the format I sent these links before, may require cut and paste to view. I am trying it this way, hoping that just clicking the link will go directly to image. The images roughly correspond to the request list visible on June 16, 2015

    49 Ford:

    51 Crestliner:

    54 Lincoln:

    55 Lincoln:





  9. Great site: I have the following Corvair images:

    1961 Corvair station wagon (I took at the Mecum Auction) a couple of years back.

    1968 Corsa convertible (4-speed) in nice condition.

    Many other cars…

    I can send these with the proviso you give me photo credit.

    John Bellah

    1. John,

      I redacted your mailing address — my immediate reaction when folks post personal info is to say, “Eek, are you sure you want to do that?” Obviously, a P.O. Box is less sensitive than a cellphone number, but I figure we all get enough junk mail!

      I’m not really looking for additional Corvair photos, although I might be tempted regarding the station wagon, since I realize I mentioned but didn’t actually picture the wagon in the article. Let me think about that.


  10. Aaron,
    I think you are the best automotive writer around these days. thank you for sharing your work with us. I shot some pics of a MR2 today in SF. No interior shots. Tan in color, first generation, with a minor body kit of some kind (I think).

    1. Jiro,

      Thanks for the kind words. Your comment made me realize I needed to update the list, since some of the things that were on it are settled or are unlikely to materialize in the foreseeable future (and I hadn’t added the rope-drive Tempest). I would still really like to cover the MR2, and a while back had gathered some information about it, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, if ever.

      That said, if you have images you’d be willing to let me use for an MR2 article, you can get in touch via email or using the Contact Form — just keep in mind that I don’t currently know when or even IF such an article will materialize!

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