New Article Possibility

I’ve been working on two additional articles. One is another, shorter technical piece as a followup to the previous articles. The other leading possibility is the first-generation (1971–1977 A20/A35) Toyota Celica.

To that end, I will need to gather more photos of the Celica as well as its cousin, the A10/A15/A30 Toyota Carina, the rival Mitsubishi Colt GTO and first-generation Nissan Silvia (a.k.a. Datsun 200SX), and ideally one or two of the early Mazda Savanna (RX-3) coupe.

If you’d like to help with pictures, please let me know via the Contact Form. Thanks!


  1. Please!! No more additions or revisions to articles you’ve already done; that kind of stuff is like putting fresh icing on a stale cake. Give us something completely new; the first-gen Celica would be a SPLENDID choice for an article. It’s been many months since you’ve written anything genuinely new….

    1. Aaron I agree with Bob. I know AUWM is a labor of love but some truly new content would be simply outstanding. I’ve re-read everything on the site (three times at least) and I’ve gotten spoiled with your highly enjoyable mix of history, personalities and nuts and bolts. Anyone can write dry, detail obsessed automotive tomes, you give them life.

    2. Am in toatal agreement with Bob, move forward with new articles, am not overly concerned with exact historical accuracy as long as the basis of it is 85% correct.

  2. Please go with the Celica article! I was in major lust with the Celica Liftback during my high school years (mid 70s).

    1. I’ve been working on it! I have written about eight pages so far. I am still short of images, though; I have a selection of hardtop photos, but none of the Liftback, particularly of the early shorter-wheelbase version.

  3. It’s a labour of love – do whichever you feel like doing or both.

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