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If you believe that any photo, image, or other content owned by you has been used on the Ate Up With Motor site in any manner that violates your copyright, please contact the proprietor Aaron Severson, via email at copyright (at) ateupwithmotor (dot) com or by mail at 11100 National Bl. #3, Los Angeles, California 90064. Your claim must include:

  1. Your legal name and contact information, including your email address.
  2. A detailed description of the work to which your claim pertains.
  3. The location of that work on the Ate Up With Motor site (including the URL and page number, as applicable).
  4. Your statement, made under penalty of perjury, that:
    1. You are either the legal owner of the specified work or legally empowered to act on behalf of such owner, and that
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    3. You have the good faith belief that this use of the work is (1) not authorized by you (or, if you are not the owner, not authorized by the owner or its agents) and (2) not otherwise permissible by law.
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We will promptly and thoroughly investigate any claim and will remove any material that is found to be in violation of applicable copyright law. We will also take reasonable measures to block any user who receive repeated infringement claims (for example, by blocking the user’s IP address). Please note that in the event that the material to which your claim pertains was provided to us by a third party, we will forward a copy of your claim to that person or entity.


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